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Meet The Team

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Hus Bozkurt

Managing Director

Head Coach

Hus is one of the leading coaches around, and has been coaching climbing for over 10 years. Hus has published a coaching climbing book, taken our competition squad to over 200 competition podiums, including national finalists and regional champions.


Hus has led numerous coaching workshops for climbing walls, and have climbed over 100 7's in Fontainebleau alone, as well as establishing a bunch of first accents in 4 different countries!

Alex Day_
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Alex Day
Senior Coach

This dedicated climber has been in the climbing scenes for years, and has always wanted to fulfil his dream of joining our team, and is our head coach.


Alex helps runs the climbing the competition squads, and is in charge of the development of our climbing academies.


Alex's incredible experience and enthusiasm makes a great choice for private tuitions.  He is also regarded as one of the strongest climbers around!

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Ciara Tung

Assistant Coach

Ciara has been coaching for KNS for over 1 year, and has quickly become extremely popular.

Ciara has climbed numerous 7's outdoors, and is a beautiful climber on the wall.

Ciara helps with our competition squads and academies, and in renowned for building confidence in young climbers.

Richard Bartlett Climbing.jpg
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Richard Bartlett

Assistant Coach

Richard is by far one of the best climbers around. Richard amazes all climbers, demonstrating both impeccable technique and remarkable strength on the wall. Some say, he is yet to fall off.

Richard has been coaching with us for 5 years, and is extremely popular. Richard has climbed numerous outdoor climbs, including 8a in Fontainebleau.

Mica Cutts Climbing.jpg
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Mica Cutts

Assistant Coach

Mica has been coaching with us for years, and excels in all areas. Her particular strength comes from her training and conditioning knowledge. Mica's vast experience comes from her yoga, and is responsible for ensuring our climbers remain injury free and healthy.

Mica is also our climbing specific yoga teacher, and runs yoga for climbers classes, in addition to private tuitions.

Meet The Team

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